Apple recently a patent for Magic Keyboard with a Mac integrated


Apple’s patent application for an entirely new computing device idea was released today by the US Patent & Trademark Office. All envision a Magic Keyboard-like gadget that can be plugged into any display in a home or workplace to house a full computer.

Many users own or run computing equipment that is used often, if not solely, in a certain place, such as a desktop computer at an office or a home office. A tower (e.g., a stand-alone enclosure containing the computer’s CPU, memory, and other components), one or more computer displays, and one or more input devices, such as a keyboard, mouse, trackpad, or a combination thereof, are all examples of computing equipment.

Apple recently a patent for Magic Keyboard with a Mac integrated

The features, designs, and system architectures mentioned for combination computing and input devices can allow for desired levels of performance while preserving a form factor that is the same as or comparable to that of a standard input device.

Apple recently a patent for Magic Keyboard with a Mac integrated

While working, the processing unit might create heat, which can have a detrimental influence on its performance. The base, on the other hand, can be made up to some extent of a material that distributes or spreads heat substantially through the mass of the base (i.e., thermally conductive), thereby more evenly spreading or distributing heat generated by the processing unit over a larger surface area of the base and thus more effectively regulating computing device operating temperatures. Copper, aluminium, brass, steel, and bronze are just a few examples of thermally conductive materials.

patent application number: 20220057845  

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