pratik patil

pratik patil

Technology and innovation that includes the word "smart" are things that Pratik Patil strongly supports. This fuels his passion for writing about everything the technology sector has to offer.

Apple Designing for visionOS


Start by learning the essential device traits and design patterns that set visionOS apart when you start developing your app or game. Make design decisions based on these traits and patterns to produce immersive and interesting experiences. Space: Using Apple Vision…

OnePlus V Fold First Look: New render


Most people are aware of OnePlus plans to follow the trend toward foldable phones. OnePlus officially announced in March 2023 that it would be joining the foldable phone market in the third quarter of that year.  Even as OnePlus has…

Tech News Bulletin


1. Hackers reportedly plan to release 80GB of private information they acquired from Reddit Reddit has been the target of a cyberattack, and hackers have threatened to reveal sensitive information unless the company pays a demanded ransom and drops its…

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