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Teardown of the M2 Pro 2023 14′′ MacBook Pro

We went a little further into the M2 Pro SoC inside the 14″ MacBook Pro with repairability in mind, and with one of the Self Service Repair program’s treasures in hand: the service manual for the M1 MacBooks. “Can we use the old M1 repair instructions for the new M2 Pro MacBooks?” we wondered.

Apple has stopped developing its own Wi-Fi chip

According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the company has halted the development of its Wi-Fi chip. The creation of the Wi-Fi chip that Apple created has currently “stalled,” and according to Kuo, Apple will delay “for a while.”

Buyer’s Guide: HomePod Mini vs. HomePod

Apple introduced the HomePod mini, the first addition to the HomePod series, in 2020, with a redesigned spherical form and the S5 processor. HomePod mini, which costs $99, is a lot more accessible and adaptable version of Apple’s smart speaker in a tiny shape.

Apple Patents Next-Gen pencil With Optical Sensor

A complex array of technology integrated into the Apple Pencil’s tip would enable it to become more than simply a pen. Instead of only being a note-taking and art-creation tool, the pencil would now assist you in gathering inspiration by allowing you to create your own bank of colours and textures to utilize as reference material in your work.

Buyer’s Guide: Mac Mini vs Mac Studio

The Mac Studio, Apple’s most powerful custom silicon standalone desktop computer, debuted in 2022. With the release of the newest Mac mini models, the Mac Studio now faces a serious competitor that provides “Pro” features at a far lower price point.

Apple patent dynamic symbol display on upcoming MacBook keyboard

The US Patent and Trademark Office this week highlighted a new patent application that demonstrates Apple’s efforts to advance the technology of the MacBook keyboard. The company claims that existing keyboard illumination technology is being enhanced so that future keyboards will be able to show different symbols based on the circumstance.

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