More Snapdragon-powered Galaxy S22 models have been revealed.

 Samsung plans to supply all Galaxy S22 variants in all countries of the world with a Qualcomm CPU, rather than the anticipated Exynos 2200 SoC with AMD GPU, according to LetsGoDigital. The information comes from a former Samsung Super Roader employee and YouTuber from South Korea. The announcement created a lot of outrage and confused online. Three extra model numbers for the anticipated Samsung Galaxy S22 series appear from no where. It might be Snapdragon-based devices.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Snapdragon-based devices.

Several well-known leakers have accumulated evidence that Samsung is working on a Galaxy S22 with an Exynos processor over time. As just a result, some people are calling the report “false.” Based on the commotion, LetsGoDigital demanded a statement from Super Roader. Super Roader believes Samsung has just decided to discontinue utilising the Exynos processor in the Galaxy S22 series. Just a limited number of people were told. Samsung had planned to employ the Exynos SoC at first. According to the company’s statement, Exynos may be discovered in a variety of products and test documentation, including benchmark results.

Now, further significant information about the Galaxy S22 has appeared on the internet. The new Series smartphones’ model numbers have been known for some time. Our Dutch friend Michel Groenheijde, on the other hand, uncovered three additional model versions the other day. Samsung has three additional smartphone versions in the pipeline, according to GalaxyClub. The website suggests that they might be Qualcomm Snapdragon-based smartphones with model numbers SMS901E, SMS906E, and SMS908E targeted at various countries in Asia (including India) and Africa. Other model numbers for the Galaxy S22, S22 Plus, and Galaxy S22 Ultra that are previously known include:

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United States- SM-S901U, SM-S906U, and SM-S908U (Snapdragon)

South Korean models- SM-S901N, SM-S906N, and SM-S908N (Exynos)

Europe and the rest of the world- SM-S901B, SM-S906B, and SM-S908B (Exynos)

Samsung Galaxy S22 Snapdragon-based devices.

This is impossible to say if these new model numbers are linked to Samsung’s declaration that the Qualcomm SoC will be used in many more S22 handsets. Samsung appears to be gearing up for the launch of its new Series devices. The Galaxy S21 FE will be released in January. The Galaxy S22 series will be formally unveiled a month later. The Galaxy Unpacked event can most likely take place on February 8, 2022. It will also be able to pre-order one of the new S series smartphones from that moment forward.

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