Rohan the Pixel Watch from Google

Google’s first own-brand wears gadget, a.k.a. the Pixel Watch, has been years in the making — and much longer in the making — and is unquestionably the unicorn of the wearable space. The round-faced, digital-crown-equipped watch, codenamed Rohan and originally seen in unauthorised pictures by FrontPageTech, is now breaking cover, with a reveal (if not a full-on release) likely soon.

The following render is very similar to previous shots: it has the same design, of course, as well as the same heart rate iconography. There’s even a symbol showing the Fitbit connection, demonstrating how Google intends to use its subsidiary’s extensive fitness-tracking knowledge.

Rohan Pixel Watch

Rohan the Pixel Watch from Google

With claims that Google has modified its webshop in preparation for the watch’s launch, and partners apparently preparing their own materials in expectation of the same — see featured picture, top — things are expected to move swiftly in the coming days and weeks.


The Pixel Watch has been rumoured for a long time, and it appears like it will be presented at this year’s Google I/O. While not much has been revealed about it, we have a good sense of what to expect in terms of its appearance and some of its functions. Now, courtesy to 91Mobiles, the first official render has emerged, and it fits up with some of what we’ve seen so far.

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