Samsung Galaxy Buds2 color and design options shown in official rendering

The official Galaxy Buds2 version offers complete design and color options. The TWS headset will be available in white, black, purple and green. …Samsung Galaxy Buds2 TWS earbuds are expected to go on sale on June 28th.

Samsung Galaxy Buds2
Source- 91Mobiles 

A few hours ago, we introduced you to the official version of Samsung Galaxy Watch4, and now we are back to Samsung Galaxy Buds2. Get official Galaxy Buds2 renderings from trusted industry sources. Together with Galaxy Watch4. We have seen Samsung TWS earbuds on the FCC certification website, which provides us with real-time hardware information and images.

Samsung Galaxy Buds2
Source- 91Mobiles 

We hope to learn more about these renderings. Samsung Galaxy Buds2 will adopt a clean and simple design. From the beginning, we determined that the design language of Samsung Galaxy Buds2 is slightly different from the original Galaxy Buds and Buds+. Buds2 comes in two shades of matte and gloss, which provide a uniform texture and may have a natural luster. The surface of the housing contains two microphones to improve noise cancellation.

Previous reports told us that Galaxy Buds2 does not support active noise reduction. (ANC) Similar to Galaxy Buds Pro and Galaxy Buds Live, but with active noise reduction. Inside the housing, you can see the charging port and the sensor used to detect wear. Galaxy Buds2 has a rubber tip to prevent noise. The charging case is now square, similar to the charging case of Galaxy Buds Live and Buds Pro.

Samsung Galaxy Buds2
Source- 91Mobiles 

Four colors are available.The rendering tells us that Samsung Galaxy Buds2 is available in white, black, purple and green. The exterior of the charging box is white, and the interior is Buds2 color. This is all the information we got from the official release. It seems that Galaxy Buds2 will be officially released on June 28 or August together with Galaxy

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