A new Galaxy VR headset is working by Samsung

Samsung is developing a new Galaxy VR headset that will allow users to connect and engage with others in the metaverse (virtual worlds). Samsung also has the required Virtual Reality experience (VR). Several Gear VR headsets were released by the South Korean company between 2014 and 2017. Since then, there was a long period of silence concerning future VR advances. Nonetheless, Samsung CEO Han Jong-hee said in February 2022 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that the business is working on a new Virtual Reality gadget.

Samsung is hoping to cash in on the new Metaverse craze with this. The CEO told The Investor that the company’s Metaverse-related item will be announced soon. The new samsung galaxy vr headset’s specifications are yet to be revealed.

A new Galaxy VR headset is working by Samsung

Samsung Electronics has submitted two trademark applications that appear to be connected to this, according to LetsGoDigital. ‘samsung galaxy vr’ and ‘Galaxy 360’ are their names.

Samsung’s Galaxy VR and Galaxy 360 are virtual reality headsets

Samsung Electronics submitted trademark applications with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) on March 30, 2022, for the worldwide protection of the filed trademarks. In September 2018, the same petitions were filed in Austria. In the meanwhile, Samsung has yet to create a virtual reality product under the Galaxy name.

A new Galaxy VR headset is working by Samsung

The Galaxy line currently includes all Samsung mobile devices. Consider the Galaxy Watch watches, Galaxy Buds earbuds, and Galaxy Book computers, in addition to Galaxy smartphones and tablets. Samsung appears to be included its latest VR headgear in the ‘Galaxy’ series.

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The ‘Gear’ moniker will most likely expire, as it did with the company’s smartwatch line-up in 2018. Instead of the Samsung Gear S4, the Galaxy Watch was unveiled as the Gear S3’s replacement.

Apart from the name, it’s probable that Samsung will highlight the ease with which the VR headset can be connected to other Galaxy smartphones – after all, that’s what the Galaxy ecosystem is renowned for.

Official Documentation: Samsung Galaxy VR and Galaxy 360 

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