OnePlus released official teaser for OnePlus 11R

OnePlus unveiled a formal teaser for its OnePlus 11R smartphone. The company only published a portion of the device’s specifications; the remainder will be made public when the phone, along with the OnePlus 11 and other items, goes on sale on February 7.

Later this year, Nothing Phone 2 will launch in the US

In terms of markets, we made the United States our top goal, said Nothing CEO Carl Pei in an interview with Inverse. The Phone (1), which you can purchase for $300 but is meant as a beta test, is not designed to support bands used by US carriers, so this won’t happen with it. The Nothing Phone 2, scheduled to launch in late 2023, will be the one to focus on the US market.

Teardown of the M2 Pro 2023 14′′ MacBook Pro

We went a little further into the M2 Pro SoC inside the 14″ MacBook Pro with repairability in mind, and with one of the Self Service Repair program’s treasures in hand: the service manual for the M1 MacBooks. “Can we use the old M1 repair instructions for the new M2 Pro MacBooks?” we wondered.

Google’s Pixel Tablet, according to a latest rumor

The release of Google’s Pixel Tablet has undoubtedly taken a very long time. Even though one was put up for sale on Facebook Marketplace back in December, it hasn’t been official since it was first hinted at in May 2022. Today, a fresh rumour from a typically trustworthy source adds some more information about the impending device.

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