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Samsung Display Learn


10. NTSC (Display Learn)

The National Television System Committee (NTSC) is the US entity responsible for standardizing broadcast television transmission. It also refers to…

pratik patilDec 14, 2023

9. Color Gamut (Display Learn)

The color gamut is another name for the color reproduction range or color spectrum about display technology. It provides measurable…

pratik patilDec 13, 2023

8. Color Depth (Display Learn)

The term “color depth” in the context of display technology refers to the total number of colors that a display…

pratik patilJun 11, 2023

7. Gradation (Display Learn)

Gradation is a color progression used in displays to indicate gradual changes in the intensity of color tones. Gradation, in…

pratik patilJun 11, 2023

6. Aspect Ratio (Display Learn)

The ratio of a display screen’s width to height is called the aspect ratio. It is typically expressed as x:y,…

pratik patilJun 11, 2023

5. Contrast Ratio (Display Learn)

The difference between the lightest and darkest tones of a display is known as the contrast ratio. One of the…

pratik patilJun 10, 2023
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