How to Create a MacOS Image Conversion Folder

How to Create a MacOS Image Conversion Folder

If your daily workflow calls for you to repeatedly convert images—for uploading to a blog, for instance—using a Folder Action can be a much faster way to complete the task. In macOS, you can easily convert the format of images using a Quick Action in the Finder or you can accomplish the same thing via the Preview app.

Teardown of the M2 Pro 2023 14′′ MacBook Pro

We went a little further into the M2 Pro SoC inside the 14" MacBook Pro with repairability in mind, and with one of the Self Service Repair program's treasures in hand: the service manual for the M1 MacBooks. "Can we use the old M1 repair instructions for the new M2 Pro MacBooks?" we wondered.

Buyer’s Guide: Mac Mini vs Mac Studio

The Mac Studio, Apple's most powerful custom silicon standalone desktop computer, debuted in 2022. With the release of the newest Mac mini models, the Mac Studio now faces a serious competitor that provides "Pro" features at a far lower price point.

Apple patent dynamic symbol display on upcoming MacBook keyboard

The US Patent and Trademark Office this week highlighted a new patent application that demonstrates Apple's efforts to advance the technology of the MacBook keyboard. The company claims that existing keyboard illumination technology is being enhanced so that future keyboards will be able to show different symbols based on the circumstance.