Apple iPhone 14 Silicone Cases Now Four New Colors

The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus are now offered in yellow, according to a recent announcement from Apple. Apple also mentioned the expansion of the Emergency SOS via satellite function to six additional nations.

You will be pleased to discover that Apple has unveiled five additional silicone case color options for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Max amid all of that commotion. Following are the new bright colors:

Are these the colors you’ve been looking for in silicone case designs? These are available today for just $49 apiece, and they are here. You may buy one, or all four, if you want to go all out, by going to your local Apple Store or ordering them on Apple’s website.


Before you purchase them, have a closer look at the colors as follows:

  • sky 728x728 1
  • Canary yellow 728x728 1
  • Olive 728x728 1
  • Iris 728x728 1

My personal favourite color in all of this is canary yellow. And as usual, these hues complement an iPhone 14 in silver or white well. The Iris color choice is perfect for you if you want to stick with your purple motif for the remainder of the year.

There will always be someone who will advise purchasing a third-party case since there are more color options available, and I understand it; you’re correct. But, you get a fit and quality with the official case that you can’t get anyplace else. Not to mention the MagSafe animation that appears on the iPhone screen while these cases are on, alerting everyone nearby that you spent a lot of money to keep your bragging rights.

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Apple iPhone 14 Silicone Cases Now Four New Colors 8
Apple iPhone 14 Silicone Cases Now Four New Colors 9


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