early hands-on video of the Galaxy S21 FE has just been released.

 Samsung Galaxy S21 FE has the opportunity to become one of Samsung’s most widely publicised smartphones in recent years. Some part suppliers are already ahead of the competition while waiting for the phone to be formally launched in a few months. components for the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE are available for purchase online by almost anyone. 

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A few days ago, we spotted photographs of the Galaxy S21 FE rear panel on the internet. These photos were stolen from a component supplier’s website, which appears to be selling them advance. Someone – Concept Creator – purchased a back panel and created a Galaxy S21 FE hands-on video.

Its rear panel’s size are equivalent to those of the Galaxy S10. Or in the very least, the rear panel of the Galaxy S21 FE fits nearly precisely into the frame of the Galaxy S10, as seen in the video below. The Galaxy S21 FE is coated in a polished coating. 

The camera body is similar to that of the base Galaxy S21 model, with the exception that it lacks a visible metal element. The Galaxy S21 FE is slated to be released in January, but at this rates, we’ll certainly see a lot more hardware leaked before the next Galaxy Unpacked event. If you want to remain up to date, stay connected and follow us on social networks.


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