Galaxy Z Fold 4 information leaks in detail

Galaxy Z Fold 4 information leaks in detail

The leaks just won’t stop, given the fact that Samsung’s Unpacked event is only a few days away. We now have the best photographs we’ve ever had of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 according to the most recent round of leaks.

Details on some of the new features and enhancements made to the Galaxy Z Fold 4 are provided after the photographs. Everything that has leaked before the company event is fantastic.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 information leaks in detail

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We also saw leaked Galaxy Z Flip 4 hands-on pictures earlier today. Online, similar pictures of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 have just appeared. It appears that both smartphones were obtained before the launch by someone.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 information leaks in detail

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is believed to replicate the high-quality renders that have already been released. There have been a few little design tweaks that set it apart from its predecessor. The new colour finish also has a stunning appearance.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 information leaks in detail

Online leaks have also revealed other specifics regarding the new features. According to the documentation, Samsung fitted the Galaxy Z Fold 4 with three 12-megapixel ultrawide, 50-megapixel wide, and 10-megapixel telephoto sensors, each of which supports 3x optical and 30x zoom. The camera’s 23% brilliant pixel sensor on the wide lens makes dark Nightography and consistent movies conceivable. Additionally incorporated are enhanced OIS and VDIS.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 information leaks in detail

Users may compare the original preview and the Zoom map view to find the ideal angle to take by seeing a Zoom map in the capture view. Without the need to fold the device, it will also be simple to flip to the Rear Cam Selfie view and access the camera controls.

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All of this is truly fascinating information since it reveals how Samsung is maximising its particular form factor. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 will be unveiled by Samsung on August 10 at its Unpacked event. A few weeks after it is revealed, the product will probably go on sale.

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