Google Bard AI can now use Workspace accounts

Google is now providing its Bard AI tool accessible to people with Google Workspace accounts after launching it in March.

One of the most typical limitations on Google products affected Bard at launch: Workspace users weren’t allowed to attend. Given the important role that generative AI is expected to play in Workspace products, Google’s action was unexpected.

But, Google is now offering Bard access to Workspace users.

 Google Bard AI can now use Workspace accounts

Google announced that access to Workspace accounts is now accessible on the official Bard changelog. But, after Workspace administrators have enabled Bard for their domains, those accounts will have the same access to Bard as consumer accounts.

All the same, we were able to confirm that Workspace accounts are still included in the queue for Bard. On the domain we tried, the option to activate Bard is also not yet visible.

Access to accounts for Google Workspace

  • What: Users of Google Workspace may now access Bard using their Workspace credentials if their domains have Bard enabled.
  • Why? When logged into your administrator-enabled Google Workspace account, you can now use Bard to assist with work, research, or other business needs.

Google says in another blog post that Bard settings for managed accounts will become available in the “coming days” under “Early access applications,” as seen below. Bard will be the only product available under this option for the time being, but Google adds that more products might be added later.

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