Google Pixelbook 2 Render Leaked Rumored Custom Tensor Chip.

 Google has said that Tensor makes the Google Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro the fastest, smartphone, and most secure Pixel phones to date. With Tensor SoC. The performance is expected to be in an industry leading position, which is a chip built by Google for its Pixel series. gif maker%2B%252810%2529

So what about the Google Pixelbook 2 reported that Google is working on bringing in internal silicon that will power Chromebooks and tablets, but the company’s plan would be completed by 2023. However, the company could use its chip. Tensor in the next Pixelbook. to a tipster, who also shared renderings and additional product information. Pixelbook 2 with 13.3 inch display, with what looks like a premium design.

Rendering shared by the Twitter user AI show the Pixelbook 2 in five colors; Orange, Green, Yellow, Blue, and Pink, which also claim the Chromebook will have a 13.3-inch display.Let’s say it’s going to be a Chromebook, as the tipster says the next product will replace Pixelbook Go, which runs Chrome OS. The design of the Pixelbook 2 exudes the vibrations of the MacBook Air, with the chassis appearing to be made from a solid piece of aluminum. The shared renderings also show that there are a pair of USBC ports positioned on either side of the Pixelbook 2, along with a 3.5mm audio jack on the right. gif maker%2B%25288%2529

There is also a decently sized trackpad, which we assume will have a glass surface. This gives us confidence in Google’s plan to target the high-end Chromebook market, and the fact that it wants to produce more custom chips for use in future products shows the company is serious about the issue. its hardware division. gif maker%2B%252812%2529

Some of you might not share the same excitement because the Tensor is supposedly silicon designed for smartphones, but since Chrome OS is a lightweight operating system, the chip should be able to handle it well. Hopefully Google can tackle the software side of the Pixelbook 2 so that it doesn’t end up like the Pixelbook Slate disaster, which Google no longer sells on its online store, and for good reason. gif maker%2B%252813%2529

While it housed decent hardware, the Pixelbook Slate’s software was an issue-induced nightmare, with performance issues like stuttering and a lack of smooth animations the biggest complaints from critics. Maybe Google won’t repeat history with the Pixelbook 2.

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