New MediaTek chipsets are ‘optimized’ for Gemini Nano


As its on-device AI model, Google unveiled Gemini Nano last year, but it was limited to a few devices. However, given that MediaTek revealed that certain of its processors are now “optimized” for Gemini Nano, it could soon spread to more.

MediaTek said in a press release this week that the step-down Dimensity 8300 and the company’s flagship chip, the Dimensity 9300, are now “optimized” for Gemini Nano compatibility.


According to MediaTek:

MediaTek and Google have collaborated to successfully integrate and optimize Gemini Nano, Google’s Large Language Model (LLM), which is intended to bring on-device Generative AI to smartphones, so that it can function effectively and efficiently on the MediaTek Dimensity 9300 and 8300 chipsets. This is part of our ongoing investment in building the ecosystems required to ensure a strong future for AI. In order to enhance performance, Gemini Nano is being ported to MediaTek APU in cooperation with Google and utilizing MediaTek’s NeuroPilot toolbox.

While Gemini Nano won’t be directly accessible on phones running these MediaTek CPUs, this does indicate that support will likely be much simpler. MediaTek also says that to help with “deploying Gemini Nano applications,” an APK for developers and OEMs will soon be available.

In between, MediaTek said it would demonstrate on-device generative AI utilizing Llama 2 LLM at MWC 2024 the following week. In addition, Dimensity 9300 and 8300 will power this.

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