One of the biggest updates to iOS 15 is the completely redesigned Safari.


To put it mildly, this is controversial. We have heard news from many new users who are tired of it. Designed only a few weeks after use in the beta version. Although some people seem to like the new design, there are still several ways to make it more useful to ordinary people.

iOS 15 is the completely redesigned Safari.

The first problem people face when using the new design is the bottom search bar. Although it is easier to access with one hand, it will still move to the top of the screen when you touch it. The second major complaint is that all the above controls are grouped under a three-dot icon. Stay healthy but modern? First, move the search bar to the top of the screen.Replace the tab button in the far upper right corner with privacy controls so that you can easily view the privacy report.

iOS 15 is the completely redesigned Safari.

As before, the search bar can be returned to the top of the screen, and the bottom cannot be covered by a finger. Like the iPad and Mac, the status bar can adapt to the color of the website. You can also change the color of the search bar to make it more opaque. The bottom bar can be replaced with an updated version of the old version, but with a new design to match the new search bar. To focus on one-handed operation, the new search button in the middle can activate the search bar at the top of the screen.

iOS 15 is the completely redesigned Safari.

The search button can go back and display the worksheet to be shared, while the three dots above can display website extensions and settings. Bookmarks can be easily accessed again, and the tabs stay in place. New features can be retained, such as a redesigned tab grid and quick tab changes. To slide down the search bar at the bottom, the user can slide the toolbar at the bottom.When you create a new tab, you will still get an updated main view.

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