Razer introduces the Moray in-ear monitor, designed for streamers and gamers


The first-ever in-ear monitor (IEM), the Razer Moray, was introduced today by the top global lifestyle brand for Gamers, raising the bar for gaming audio.  This ground-breaking IEM, which was created with the specific needs of gamers and marathon streamers at its core, combines all-day comfort with unmatched audio quality, paving the way for a whole new paradigm in prolonged, fatigue-free gaming and broadcast sessions.

Alvin Cheung, Senior Vice President of Razer’s Hardware Business Unit, declared that Moray’s release “marks the beginning of an exciting new era for Razer.” It represents a development in-game audio, providing streamers with high-definition sound and all-day comfort. We’re delivering the outstanding audio quality normally associated with in-ear monitors to streamers and gamers alike with the Razer Moray. And we’re pleased to inform you that this device has obtained the coveted THX Certification, the world’s greatest seal of audio fidelity.


The Gold Standard in High-Definition Audio is THX Certified

The THX Certification of the Razer Moray, a globally renowned seal of quality, consistency, and performance, raises the bar for gaming and streaming audio experiences.

The Moray delivers crystal-clear vocals and conversation, a distortion-free experience, and excellent noise isolation, providing the best standards of audio for both gaming and streaming. It has been tested and adjusted by top audio professionals. The Moray offers the artist’s true vision out of the box, fusing art, technology, and the dynamics of actual listening situations, as guaranteed by this certification for listeners.


Excellent Sound with Hybrid Dual-Driver Acoustic Design

A balanced armature driver for crystal-clear trebles and a dynamic driver for deep, rich bass are combined in Moray’s hybrid dual-driver acoustic architecture. The outcome is outstanding audio quality that will allow streamers to spend hours engrossed with their viewers.


Designed Ergonomically for All-Day Comfort and Fit

The Moray prioritizes comfort throughout prolonged streaming sessions, continuing Razer’s legacy of superior ergonomic design. To provide a smooth, fatigue-free streaming experience, its low-profile, ergonomic shape gives a snug fit that greatly outperforms standard headsets.


The Best Passive Noise Isolation for Streaming Focus

The Moray is a powerhouse for producing content rather than merely being an IEM. Distractions are no longer an issue because of the excellent passive noise isolation, which can block noise up to -36 dB. Streamers can stay focused on developing interesting material and enthralling viewers.


Continuous Streaming with Quality Braided Over-Ear Wires

The Razer Moray has flexible memory loop tubing and OFC MMCX cables, so it can stay there and out of the way. When streamers amuse viewers, the in-ear monitors are kept secure by these high-quality braided over-ear cords.


Personalized Ear tips and a Carrying Bag, You Can Stream Anywhere, Anytime

The Moray ensures the best comfort and sound isolation with three types of ear tips in three different sizes. It is set up and prepared for creation and streaming whenever you need it when it is stored in the lightweight, splash-proof traveling case.


The Moray from Razer marks the company’s audacious entry into the IEM market and signifies a paradigm leap for streaming music and gaming. The Moray is a new titan in the field of in-ear audio for streaming because it combines a hybrid dual-driver acoustic design for full-range music, superior passive noise isolation, and unmatched comfort for all-day streaming or gaming.

Price and availability

MSRP: $129.99 USD / 149.99 Euros Authorized Resellers, RazerStores, and Razer.com – June 27, 2023

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