In Sweden and Norway, Samsung Newsroom now Launch

One of the major smartphone producers worldwide and the top chip manufacturer is Samsung. Through the official Samsung Newsroom and several technological journals throughout the world, people may keep informed about the company’s latest products, projects, and other inside information.

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The Samsung Newsroom website has now been made available in Sweden and Norway, according to a recent announcement from Samsung Electronics. In order to communicate official information in their respective local languages, Samsung Electronics has now launched separate newsroom services in Sweden and Norway, which are reportedly the company’s primary markets in Europe. 

Samsung Newsroom Sweden


Visit the official Samsung Newsroom Norway website here, or the official Samsung Newsroom Sweden website by clicking here.

The Samsung Newsroom in Sweden and Norway, like the company’s Global Newsroom, will offer information from many different genres, such as “company’s newest news, campaigns, CSR initiatives, goods and services, and business insights.” 

Samsung Newsroom Norway


Since it has been operating in Sweden and Norway for more than 30 years, Samsung is now offering unique content in those countries’ native tongues.

In addition, the opening of Samsung Newsroom in these two areas makes them the 43rd and 44th Newsroom sites to open globally. With these releases, there are currently 20 Samsung Newsroom websites available in Europe. Samsung recently disclosed that the total number of visitors to all of its newsroom websites worldwide exceeded 200 million.

Activities of visits by Samsung in Sweden

Activities of visits by Samsung in Norway

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