The Samsung Galaxy M54 5G Listed On Geekbench

The Samsung Galaxy M54 5G Listed On Geekbench

Today’s appearance of the Samsung Galaxy M54 on Geekbench is a previous report regarding Samsung’s choice of processor for the mid-range handset. Namely, a new Exynos solution instead of a Qualcomm SoC will power the Galaxy M54 5G.

According to the internet test, the Galaxy M54 5G (SM-M546B) should contain the same Exynos 1380 SoC processor that may end up powering the Galaxy A54. The Galaxy M54  may use the flagship-class Snapdragon 888 SoC, according to an earlier (crazy) report, although that now appears highly improbable.

Galaxy M54 5G Listed On Geekbench

Galaxy M54 5G Screenshot Geekbench

The phone should run One UI 5.0 because Geekbench also shows an Exynos 1380 SoC, 8GB of RAM, and Android 13. Performance-wise, the Galaxy M54 5G achieved 2,696 points in the multi-core benchmarks and 750 points in the single-core tests. These figures should be regarded with a grain of salt because synthetic benchmark results for hypothetical devices are liable to change.

The release of the Galaxy M54 5G might still be many months away. The Galaxy M53 5G, which it replaced, went on sale in April 2022. If the successor follows an annual release timetable, the Galaxy M54 5G should be available in around five months. Again, this indicates that there is plenty of time for those benchmark scores to alter by the time the phone is available for purchase.

Samsung is now prepping the Galaxy S23 flagships for release, most likely in February. And unlike the Galaxy M54 5G, Samsung’s upcoming flagship could only use Qualcomm’s technology.

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