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We’ve changed the Tech Newsrooms website to better reflect our new corporate identity and to help us achieve our goal of providing our readers with the most recent tech news and helpful advice. We realized we needed a new design that more accurately embodies our mission because, over the last year, we have been adding additional content categories, such as entertainment. You are currently seeing a completely updated version of our website.

Clear and vibrant user interface

First off, we have a gorgeous new, bright logo that is lively and contemporary. It is a flowing style with unique lettering that exudes boundlessness. We apply the same philosophy to the design of our website, using a vibrant and fun color scheme.


Like the infinite sky above, the many colors of blue serve as a link between our current efforts and our future goals. Next, we have our insignia’s colors, which comprise the secondary palette and are pleasantly incorporated into the design. On the new Tech Newsrooms website, the text illuminates in our trademark colors whenever you hover over any link. For our content, we’ve even moved from Serif to the “Work Sans” typeface, which makes it simpler to read.

The redesigned main page clearly emphasizes our core identity while staying true to what’s important. Our tagline, “Tech That Thing,” is prominently displayed at the top, followed by a clean header. Except for the search bar on the right and the Tech Newsrooms logo on the left, all of the main categories are now hidden under the hamburger menu.

When you scroll down, you’ll first see a grid of featured stories that our editors think are worth your immediate attention, along with a trending tags bar (more on this below). After that, there’s a straightforward and tidy reverse chronological feed that displays the most recent developments in the technology industry.

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Popular Tags

Would you like to stay up-to-date on the latest and most significant stories in the field of technology? Our site now features a trending tag bar at the top. Just select the subject that piques your interest, and you’ll be able to read a plethora of content around it, including news, reviews, guides, and opinion pieces.


These trending tags are often changed by the subjects that are becoming more popular or demand your attention. The greatest thing is that, for your convenience, these tags are prominently displayed on our mobile website as well.

A Brief Synopsis to Save You Time

More than six years have passed since I started writing guides for Tech Newsrooms, and I can still clearly recall our team’s relentless efforts to provide readers with the most recent news in an easily readable format via Tech Newsrooms and Google News. Ahh, bygone days of glory.


We closed the app since we had different plans for Tech Newsrooms at the time. However, our fans like using our applications to read the most recent tech news while on the go, and we frequently receive letters asking us to update the app to this version.

We certainly hear you. We are bringing that experience back with a twist with the revamped Tech Newsrooms website.

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