The Ads For Google Pixel 7 Reveals Great Features

Google advertising for the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro was leaked today, detailing the distinct qualities that the firm will highlight this year.
The use of Macro Focus to discover minute details in photographs is the first feature featured in the Pixel 7 Pro commercial, which was tweeted on Twitter by SnoopyTech. Although the leaked video is not sufficiently high-resolution to evaluate, a flower shot taken with a pixel 7 Pro that is most likely a real sample is shown. According to this morning’s specifications sheet leak, the telephoto or ultra-wide angle lens, which has “autofocus” compared to the Pixel 7 camera, might be used in this situation, since we know this functionality is only accessible on the bigger phone.

Ads For Google Pixel 7 Reveals

The Ads For Google Pixel 7 Reveals Great Features
a similar telescopic example from a Friday video that Google recently made public on its YouTube channel is viewable. We discover that it is advertised as “Super Res Zoom,” which is an old term. When we take a look at the Google Camera app, the user interface is the same. Currently available Magic Eraser also has the same feature.

The second pillar of “Know the Language” is Live Translate. It functions when you speak, read, or type. The Google Lens app uses it to translate food-related signs. The Extreme Battery Saver, which allows you to “remain out for up to 72 hours, is the last option.

The last tagline reads, “Get the close-up, do magic, know the language with the Google Pixel 7 Pro.”
According to the leaked Pixel 7 advertising, Cinematic Blur has replaced Macro Focus to offer films a more dramatic image. Do magic, learn the language, and remain outside while using the Google Pixel 7.
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