A New Pixel Fold leak appears in real life


Even though it isn’t official yet, the Pixel Fold might as well be. We received renders last month. A purported dummy model of the Pixel foldable was obtained by Dave2D, who extrapolated a variety of details from the largely featureless plastic.

Pixel Fold leak plastic mockup


Highlights include:

  • The interior screen should have a less extreme centre crease than the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 based on the hinge.
  • Dave estimates that the bezels around the 7.67-inch interior screen are around 5mm thick, possibly to save money and avoid having a camera cutout.
  • The 5.79-inch outer screen appears to have a selfie camera cutout and is a little bit shorter and wider than the Z Fold 4.
  • Top and bottom speaker grills are present.


In terms of the large camera island, hinge design, and thick bezels, the grey plastic model closely resembles the leaked renders we saw in December; if it’s a fake, at least we’re getting reliable fakes.


Although Dave withheld his source, dimensionally accurate blanks like these are typically sent to case manufacturers before the launch of the device so they can prepare the necessary accessories. That timing coincides with the leak from December, which pointed to a formal announcement at Google I/O in May, though later leaks have pointed to a fall launch.

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