Apple has invented under the main touchscreen segments of future MacBooks.

Apple has patented numerous tactile technology patents for future Apple Watch, Magic Mouse, iPad, and future reconfigurable MacBooks. Focuses on dual-screen MacBooks with dedicated reconfigurable secondary displays to provide users with temporary access to virtual keyboards and more. … 2 Tactile-Reconfigurable MacBook In a published patent application we spotted in Europe today, Apple has gone further by adding a localized tactile experience to its home screen.

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The tactile system uses vibration motors, which typically vibrate all electronics and cannot provide tactile output in a specific area. His patent application shows that in the future, touch can be found in very specific areas of the device and only vibrate in that area, such as behind an app icon. Applications, keyboard keys, on a MacBook touchscreen or in the case of a device as in a case. MacBook or Magic Mouse, as shown in Figures 1A and 12 below.Apple’s patent includes a tactile design that provides local tactile output and tactile sensation to an electronic device.

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Apple adds that in some embodiments, the tactile structure includes a beam structure or other deflector that is machined from or within the surface or some other component (eg, housing component) of electronic equipment. The beam is attached to the piezoelectric element and configured to deflect it in different directions depending on the current, voltage, or other input signal applied to the piezoelectric element. the beam structure is deflected, the surface of the electronic equipment may also be deflected; this induces a tactile output that produces a tactile sensation. In some embodiments, a tactile output may be provided to an input surface (eg, a surface, structure, or the like designed to receive input from a user).

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device specifically mentioned and shown in the figures of the patent, the described tactile structure may be included in various electronic devices, mechanical devices, electromechanical devices, etc. For example, tactile structures may be included in styluses, mice, pens, steering wheels, dashboards, straps for portable electronic devices, mobile devices (such as watches), gloves, glasses and other equipment. laptop and others. Apple has so far declined to offer touchscreen MacBooks, unlike Microsoft Surface laptops.But in this patent application, Apple’s engineering team appears to be working on a primary display, which is a touchscreen for the MacBook.

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