Apple iPhone 16 Pro Max CAD renders rumored

Apple iPhone 16 Pro Max CAD renders rumoured

According to multiple rumours, the iPhone 15 Pro will be a big update. We anticipate seeing a new, rounded-edged design, a titanium frame, camera improvements, and, of course, USB-C. Yet according to rumours, Apple will make the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max’s screens bigger next year.

iPhone 16 Ultra

The iPhone 16 Pro series may have the “Ultra” label, even if it seems that the iPhone 15 Pro Max won’t. This would be consistent with the Apple Watch Ultra’s release last year.

According to CADs that were sent to 9to5Mac, the bigger iPhone 16 Pro variant, likely dubbed the iPhone 16 Ultra, would have an approximately 6.9″ screen and a much larger body. The iPhone 14 Pro Max is already tough to manage with one hand, so it is fortunate that the gadget is just slightly broader and taller. These computer-aided design (CAD) drawings demonstrate how Apple intends to expand the screen size of the iPhone 16 Pro Max while maintaining the general form factor as closely as is physically possible.

iPhone 15 Pro Max on left, iPhone 16 Pro Max on right


iPhone 16 Ultra (reported)

  • Width: 77.2 mm
  • Height: 165.0mm
  • Screen Size: 6.9”

iPhone 15 Pro Max (reported)

  • Width: 76.7mm
  • Height: 159.8mm
  • Screen Size: 6.7”

iPhone 16 Pro

The ever-reliable Ross Young and Ming-Chi Kuo both claimed that the smaller model will similarly increase in size, with Young stating that the screen size would be about 6.3″. A periscope zoom lens, which will sadly be absent from the smaller iPhone 15 Pro this year, may also be included in the smaller iPhone 16 Pro thanks to this bigger display.

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The existence of bigger screens in the iPhone 16 Pro series has now been confirmed by a number of reliable sources. But, it’s crucial to remember that not much is finalized, and the iPhone 16 Pro’s arrival is still more than a year away. Any information that is seen this early should be taken as a fact of scepticism.

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