Exclusive: iPhone 15 Pro renders reveal curvier design, USB-C port


Based on a CAD model that a reputable case manufacturer and 3D Artist Respective Render Man Ian Zelbo sent to 9to5Mac, we have received exclusive renders of the impending iPhone 15 Pro. The prototypes depict some significant improvements to the look and functionality of Apple’s anticipated flagship smartphone for later this year.

Apple provides Asian firms working on phone cases with CAD files similar to those on which these renders are based. This will guarantee that there are cases available when the device debuts. The models show an iPhone 15 Pro with a display that is nearly edge-to-edge, and curved edges which give it a unique look compared to other iPhones.

iPhone 15 Pro renders


The specific factory from China that provided this CAD appears to be the first to receive these files. Historically, CAD files have been true to the final product in terms of both dimensions and design since case designers and factories would incur additional costs if they used faulty ones.


A big change from Apple’s proprietary connector, which has been used on iPhones and the majority of Apple products since 2012, is the transfer from the Lightning port to USB-C, which is the most apparent shift.

This might be a result of pressure from the European Union, which has pushed for a uniform charging protocol for all smartphones and gadgets. Sadly, this might only apply to cords that have passed Apple’s MFi program’s testing for charging and data transfer rates.

iPhone 14 Pro vs. iPhone 15 Pro CAD

The margins of the glass and metal frame have been curved, which is another alteration. A more seamless transition to the frame is made possible by the glass’s small curvature around the edges. The frame itself is also more curved than before, mimicking the styling of the new M2 MacBook Air and the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros. This might improve the phone’s grip and reduce the likelihood of unintentional touches.

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Even thicker than previously, the camera bulge on the back suggests that Apple may have improved the camera system with additional sensors or lenses. Similar to the iPhone 14 Pro, the camera features three lenses and a LiDAR scanner organized in a square module. This generation’s camera lenses are thicker, which may indicate bigger picture sensors.


The volume sliders and mute switch on the side of the phone have seen some adjustments. It has been rumoured that the volume rockers are capacitive buttons rather than physical ones. Although we can’t say for sure based on the renders, it appears extremely likely. Along with the capacitive buttons, the mute switch has undergone some design changes, becoming smaller and rounder in appearance.

The iPhone 15 Pro’s resolution is not depicted in the renderings, but we anticipate it to be comparable to the iPhone 14 Pro. It’s possible that the same 6.1-inch display will be housed in a little smaller body because the device’s body is a few millimetres smaller and its bezel is narrower. Dynamic Island is still there, and it resembles the iPhone 14 Pro in terms of size.

These renderings may not accurately depict every element of Apple’s final design because they are based on an early CAD model. They do, however, provide us with a general notion of what to anticipate from one of this year’s most anticipated smartphones and all of the significant modifications, such as a more comfortable frame and USB-C.

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