Apple Launches “Car Keys Testing” App to Licensed MFi Developers

Apple has made a testing app available to automakers who are attempting to integrate its digital Car Keys software (9to5Mac). This software will enable automakers to create digital car keys that can be shared with drivers, eliminating the need for physical copies.

By placing an iPhone or Apple Watch next to the driver-side door, customers may unlock and start a compatible vehicle with Apple’s digital car key function. Similar to a credit card, the auto keys are kept in the Wallet app. Just a limited number of BMW, Kia, and Genesis automobiles presently provide the option.

Car Keys Testing App


The new “Car Keys Testing” app, which Apple launched in July 2022, enables authorized MFi developers to test and evaluate their own integration of the digital car keys technology.

According to Apple, the developer tool is as follows:

exclusively for usage by MFi Licensees. Utilize the Apple digital car keys technology-integrated vehicles you design to test and confirm the connection, performance, and other crucial requirements for certification with the Car Keys Testing app.

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There is a direct link to view and download “Vehicle Keys Testing,” which is an app that isn’t listed on the App Store. But, in order to proceed past the login screen, developers must have MFi licenses.


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