Nothing OS 1.5. upgrade Run on Android 13



Nothing OS 1.5, which runs on Android 13, is now available for download. The biggest improvement we’ve ever made.

This is our best and safest user experience yet. It’s completely free and has exciting new unique features.

What is on offer is as follows:

App enhancements

  • There is no weather app.
  • improved UI for camera apps.
  • The app loading speed can be increased by up to 50%.




  • Glyph sound pack, new. Additional notification and ringtone Glyph sounds.
  • More “Material You,” or more colour schemes that can be matched to wallpaper by third-party apps.
  • Customizing lock screen shortcuts. Make shortcuts for the wallet, torch, camera, and gadget controls.


better experience

  • The enhanced network Quick Settings panel makes switching between data consumption when using two SIM cards simple.
  • Added a QR code reader in the camera app and Quick Settings.
  • support for several languages that enable the use of various languages for various programs.
  • previewed clipboard. The bottom-right corner of the screen’s clipboard displays the copied text. So, before pasting, you can immediately edit the wording.
  • primary services. To conserve battery, close running background programs immediately from the notification centre.


Improved visuals

  • Media Control now has a new design. puts album graphics front and centre and offers more music controls.
  • improved control over volume. Individual volume sliders are simple to change without having to unlock the device (e.g. music vs ringtone).
  • notifications that are less distracting while in game mode. Using Google Game Dashboard right now. Screenshots, screen recording, FPS display, and Do Not Disturb are all supported by Dashboard.
  • Live captioning: recognizes speech on your device and creates captions automatically.
  • improved animations for switching the display on and off.
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enhancements to privacy

  • photo selector. The pictures you want to share with each app can be selected.
  • Media permissions. Sort the many forms of material into groups, such as files, music, videos, and images.
  • notifies you when an application uses your clipboard. after some time, the history was deleted to stop unauthorized access.
  • A personal safety app was included.


System performance

  • increased memory in the background. lowering the loading time for frequently used programs.
  • A brand-new self-repair function keeps Nothing Phone (1) functioning like brand-new. by deleting outdated system dumps and unnecessary cache.
  • more stable system performance.
  • fixes for common bugs.



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