Apple patent next-generation Display for iMacs and iphone iPad.

 The United States Patent and Trademark Office issued Apple‘s patent application for an electronic device incorporating a lenticular display. The lenticular display can have a lenticular film formed over a series of pixels. A plurality of lenticular lenses can extend the entire length of the screen. Lenticular lenses can be configured to allow stereoscopic viewing (3D viewing) of the screen so that a viewer perceives three-dimensional images. 

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The electronic device may also include an Eye and / or Head Tracking System The Eye and / or Head The tracking system uses a camera to capture images from a display. The captured images can be used to determine the position of a viewer’s eye. What caught my interest is that while the invention could apply to Apple‘s future mixed reality headset, the lenticular display could also apply to a future iPhone, iPad, Apple monitor or even to A television. For the record, it turns out that Sony has developed a first-generation lenticular screen that can prototype a screen the size of a laptop computer. Learn about Sony’s story about this potentially revolutionary display.Although they use a 3D lenticular screen, they market it as a “Spatial Reality Display“.

With Apple pushing “Spatial Audio” hard, could a “Spatial Reality Display” be far behind? Users can experience a new visual medium with Sony’s Spatial Reality Display. Their heritage of cutting-edge visual and spatial realities combine into an incredible 3D optical experience where detailed texture, high contrast and luminous brightness combine to create a portal to another world. How exciting is that?

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it could be a parallax barrier screen that uses parallax barriers (for example, an opaque layer with precisely spaced slits to create a impression of depth thanks to parallax), it can be a volumetric screen or can be any other type of stereoscopic display desired. Figure 1 below of the Apple patent is a schematic diagram of an illustrative electronic device having a display; Figure 4 is a cross-sectional side view of an illustrative lenticular display providing images to two or more viewers. Figure 6 of the Apple patent is a schematic of an illustrative display that includes an eye and / or head tracking system that determines the position of the observer’s eye and a control circuit that sets.

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 updates the display according to the position of the observer’s eye; Figure 7A7C are perspective views of three-dimensional illustrative content that can be viewed on different areas of the patent display. Figure Apple Figure 12 is a side view of an illustrative display showing how a secondary display cone may be used depending on the location of the viewer’s eye information.

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source: patentlyapple

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