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Android, you can expect your device to improve more and more throughout the year. From accessibility to Android Auto to features that make your life easier like Assistant and Gboard, we’re rolling out new features that help you do more, stay safe, and have more fun with your Android phone. Animating camera switches and Project Activate in use Camera switches [left] and Project Activate [right] Control your phone with facial gestures Inspired by people with motor and language disabilities, camera switches and Project Activate are two new accessibility features that you can use your phone by using facial gestures.

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Starting this week, Camera Switches is an Android Accessibility Suite feature that turns the front camera into a switch (an adaptive tool that replaces a keyboard, mouse, or tap on the phone screen) so you can navigate your way around your phone. telephone. Project Activate is a new application that facilitates communication and expression in the moment. You can use facial gestures and eye movements to trigger preset actions, like saying a phrase (like “Wait!”, Playing audio (like laughing), or sending a text message (like “Come here”).Also new to accessibility, we’re bringing handwriting recognition to Lookout, an app that uses your phone’s camera to help people with vision or blindness get things done faster and easier. In Documents mode, Lookout will now read handwritten and printed text for Latin languages.

 Additionally, in response to Lookout’s growing global audience, we are adding recognition of the Euro and Indian Rupee to Currency Mode, and more are on the way. TV with your phone From today you can find something awesome to watch on your Google TV even when the couch has eaten the remote. We’ve integrated remote control functions right into your Android phone so you can turn on the TV, browse your recommendations or even start your favorite show right from your phone. And you can use your phone’s keypad to quickly enter complicated passwords, movie names, or search terms. Try it out on Google TV or other devices running Android TV by adding the remote control tile to your Android phone’s quick settings or by visiting the Google TV app, available in 14 more countries in the coming weeks.Illustration of a person adding reminders to Google Assistant0: 48 Now you can manage all your reminders in one place by saying “Ok Google, open my reminders” where “You will also see helpful tips for recurring reminders that you can activate with a single tap. 

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And of course you can continue to use your voice to create and automate your tasks. Just say “Ok Google, remind me to water the plants every morning. “Once configured, Google will notify you at the right time on all your devices, whether you are at home or on the road. Have fun, connected and on the track while driving With Android Auto, you can have fun by starting up quickly and listen to your favorite music, news and podcasts with personalized recommendations from the Google Assistant.You can also play a variety of games from GameSnacks while waiting for an order or to charge your car. And for commuters, Android Auto can help you stay on top of business meetings and important messages with new support for your business profile. In addition, if you are using a dualSIM Android phone, you can now choose which SIM card to use when making calls via Android Auto. To help keep you on track, Waze on Android Auto is also getting an update to create a leaner browsing experience. 

The new design includes touchpad support, night mode and lane guidance support and brings the map and directions to the fore so other elements are out of the way. With Waze, Google Maps, and many other navigation apps, Android Auto makes it easy to get to where you want to go. These Android Auto features will soon be available on Android phones when connected to a compatible car. If you don’t have a compatible car, you can explore other ways Google can help you with your driving, including new Google Assistant driving mode updates and more on your Android phone. Add photos and videos to a protected space. Previously only on Pixel and coming soon to Android, the Locked Folder in Google Photos gives you a password-protected space to save photos and videos separately, so they don’t appear when you scroll through Google Photos or any other area. other app on your device.Crying laughing emoji and owl emoji animation combined into one laughing owl sticker Express yourself with Gboard Express how you really feel with the new additions to Emoji Kitchen on Gboard. With over 1,500 stickers coming this fall, you can create even more combinations of your favorite emojis like 🦉🐐🍞🍓. 


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 addition to making your messages more fun, Gboard also helps you communicate faster and easier with new features. Gif of Smart Compose used to automatically complete a message someone sends First, when you copy text that contains more than information such as phone numbers, email addresses and URLs, Gboard will extract them and automatically separate them into multiple paste options, so that you can choose the information most important to you. Second, when you open a messaging app right after taking a screenshot, Gboard will now show that screenshot as a tip to share.


Finally, for devices running Android 11 or later, the power of machine learning lets you quickly complete your sentences with just a tap with Smart Compose. who can discover your device and send files s.Choose from all, your contacts or none and you can easily change your preferences through the Quick Settings area of ​​your phone at any time.0:17 And wait, there’s more With the Warning feature, you can receive reminders to find and stay alert as you walk around and use your phone. First launched on Pixel earlier this year, Heads Up is now available through the Digital Wellbeing setting on devices running Android 9 and later. We can’t wait for you to try all of these features.

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