CAD renders of the Samsung Galaxy A23 have been leaked

Samsung is preparing to debut a unique variety of smartphones this year, including the much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy A23 2022 models. Collegedunia has teamed up with OnLeaks to bring you an exclusive peek at the next Samsung Galaxy A23, complete with sharp 5K renderings and a 360-degree video.

Samsung Galaxy A23 2022

The Samsung Galaxy A23 will have camera features such as digital zoom, auto flash, face identification, and touch to focus, as the name indicates. OnLeaks’ renderings show a high-definition display with a waterdrop notch. The smartphone’s display is bordered on the sides by tiny bezels and has a 6.6-inch (17.76-cm) screen.

Samsung Galaxy A23 2022

Samsung Galaxy A23 2022

Along with the Magnetic Induction sensor, the smartphone has a fingerprint scanner on the screen. Other sensors include a light sensor, proximity sensor, accelerometer, and gyroscope. 

Samsung Galaxy A23 2022

The Samsung Galaxy A23 2022 is expected to be released on March 31, 2022. Keep an eye on Collegedunia for more information on the final retail price and spec sheet.

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