A new Nothing smartphone is unveiled on Twitter by Carl Pei

Apart from the TWS earbuds, it was recently disclosed that the Nothing brand is working on a few additional items, and a recent Twitter exchange between Carl Pei, Android, and Qualcomm suggests that a Nothing Smartphone might be on the way soon.

Nothing Smartphone

Carl Pei states, “Back on Android!” and adds, “Android 12 is lovely!” in a new tweet, implying that he is referring to a smartphone running the Android 12 operating system. “We’ve got a lot to catch up on Carl,” Android’s official Twitter account responds.

Carl Pei might have been implying that he was converting to an Android smartphone as his primary mode of transportation, but Qualcomm’s Snapdragon account entered the debate and uploaded a picture of three hands uniting.

All of this speaks to the existence of Nothing Smartphone, and given the company’s founder’s public tease, we may expect an announcement in the next days or weeks. Manu Sharma, Vice President and General Manager of Nothing India, spoke about the brand’s future product ambitions a few months ago. He stated that the corporation is striving to introduce over five new items at a faster pace.

If the firm does intend to release a smartphone soon, it will be fascinating to see which market segment it will target and how the device will be positioned in the congested market. We predict the future smartphone to be a “flagship killer,” seeking to compete with expensive handsets, based on the company’s price approach for Ear (1).

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