[Exclusive] Full renders of the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 2 360 leaked

Samsung recently held its Galaxy Unpacked 2022 event, during which the company unveiled its next flagship smartphone series, the Galaxy S22. In less than a week, the South Korean tech behemoth teased its next major product for the public, which will most likely be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress 2022 event in Barcelona at the end of this month.

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The Galaxy Book Pro 360 2 laptops are reported to be the upcoming gadget from Samsung’s bucket. While the rumour mill continues to spin, we at Giznext have managed to get our hands on exclusive render photos and a few more tidbits about the next Galaxy series laptop. Take a look at the following information:

Render Images for the Galaxy Book Pro 2 360 are now available

As previously stated, Giznext has acquired exclusive Galaxy Book Pro 2 360 render photos ahead of its expected launch later this month at the Mobile World Congress 2022 event. An industry insider provided manufacturing blueprints of the impending 360-degree rotating laptop, which show the burgundy red colour variation.

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However, this colour choice is merely a guess, and the laptop might be introduced in a variety of colours. The Galaxy Book Pro 2 360 has the codename “mars 2” on the factory schematics documents, according to Giznext’s source. This is one of the confirmations for the next gadget that will be the Galaxy Book 360’s replacement (first-gen model).

Given that the Galaxy Book 360 was dubbed “mars,” this isn’t surprising. It’s worth noting that the Galaxy Book Pro 360 name has yet to be confirmed by Samsung. However, given the information provided, it appears that the Galaxy Book Pro 2 360 will be the name of the device.

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When it comes to design, the render photos reveal a small improvement over the previous-generation Galaxy Book 360 laptop. The second-generation model has a larger mouse trackpad and a larger keypad, which will undoubtedly increase typing and other creative operations efficiency. The display screen and hinges do not appear to have undergone any significant design modifications in the render photos. The bezel is the same size as the previous-generation device.

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The Galaxy Book Pro 2 360 keeps the Galaxy Book Pro 360’s 360-degree folding design. The S-pen support, however, is not visible in the render pictures we got. We don’t know if Samsung intends to skip it this time. Furthermore, our insider claims that the forthcoming laptop will have a 15-inch display. Three USB Type-C connections, one 3.5mm headphone jack and one microSD card will be available.

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