Google and other services keep you secure online

Everything we do revolves around keeping you secure online. We’re releasing updates on this effort, as well as some key new collaborations, on Safer Internet Day. We’re also unveiling new increased browsing security for everyone, as well as our toughest safeguards to date for high-risk individuals and groups.

Google and beyond

Educating you on how to be safe when using the internet

We’ve teamed up with Khan Academy, a non-profit educational institution, to create free online tutorials to teach individuals how to be safe online. We’ll provide $5 million to Khan Academy so that it may develop accessible, understandable, and practical online safety content for its 18 million monthly users all around the world. We know people are looking for tips on how to protect themselves online because searches for “how to stop identity theft” increased by over 110% last year, and our previous work in educating people about online safety has shown us the positive impact this can have. To expand our impact, we’re excited to be partnering with Khan Academy to make internet safety more accessible to everyone.

 protect your personal information

We provide simple, easy-to-use tools like Security Checkup to provide you concrete tips on how to make your Google Account more secure. Over 150 million individuals were automatically registered in two-step verification by 2021. (2SV). We’ve witnessed a 50% reduction in accounts being hacked as a consequence of our work.

Google and beyond

We’re announcing something new today:

More security for high-risk users: For high-risk users such as election workers, journalists, and human rights activists, we are the first choice. We’re stepping up our efforts to protect these high-risk users ahead of the upcoming 2022 US midterm elections. We’ve formed the Campaign Security Project in collaboration with groups from all sides of the political spectrum, giving them the resources they need to instruct candidates and campaign staff on how to be secure online. Veterans Campaign, Collective Future, Women’s Public Leadership Network, LGBTQ Victory Institute, Center for American Ideas, University of San Francisco, Emerge, Latino Victory, and others are among the organisations participating. This will complement our current efforts with Defending Digital Campaigns, the USC Election Cybersecurity Initiative, and Cybersecurity for State Leaders.

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Enhanced Safe Browsing at the Account Level: You’ll be able to opt into Google’s account-level improved safe surfing feature next month, which will provide you with the most comprehensive security protection against threats you experience on the web and against your Google Account. Soon, you’ll be able to enable this feature automatically during a Security Checkup or manually in your account settings.

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