a new update Galaxy Watch4 Series Levels Up holistic wellness

Samsung Electronics has released a new update for the Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic, demonstrating its dedication to assisting customers in achieving their health and wellness objectives while also expressing their individuality. Advanced interval training for any bike or runner, a new sleep coaching programme, and new body composition insights are among the new features available to users. With improved watch faces and a new selection of elegant bands, Galaxy Watch4 owners will have even more possibilities to personalise their look.

Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic

“With our latest upgrade, we are dedicated to leading our Galaxy Watch4 series community on their individual wellness journeys,” stated Janghyun Yoon, Executive Vice President and Head of Software Platform at Samsung Electronics’ Mobile eXperience Business. “We’re delighted to keep working on this as part of our larger push to reinvent holistic wellness via new experiences and technologies.”

Getting Motivated

The most recent body composition update provides customers with even more information about their health status. Samsung Health will also include body composition information, courtesy of Centr, a digital workout programme designed by Chris Hemsworth, to assist users to improve their health, fitness, and mentality. In addition, Galaxy Watch4 customers will receive a 30-day trial3 to Centr, which will provide them complete and unrestricted access.

Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic

Samsung’s new interval goal function for runners and cyclists enables them to pre-set the length, distance, and a number of seats for their exercise, whether they’re just seeking to be active or preparing for an upcoming event. The Galaxy Watch4 then takes them through a unique intensity training session that includes a sequence of high-intensity exercises alternated with low-intensity workouts, resulting in a highly effective and focused workout every time.

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Make an effort to get a better night’s sleep.

Building on Galaxy Watch4’s strong sleep tracking capabilities, the new sleep coaching program helps users develop better sleeping habits. By tracking seven-day sleep patterns and completing two sleep surveys, the program assigns one of eight sleep symbol animals that represent the user’s sleep patterns. Then it will guide users through a four to a five-week coaching program that includes assignments, checklists, sleep-related articles, a meditation guide, and regular reports to help users improve the quality of their sleep. 

Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic

When it comes to waking up rested, a peaceful and even peaceful environment is essential for healthy rest. Galaxy Watch4 recognizes when users fall asleep and automatically turns off Samsung SmartThings-enabled lights to help create better sleeping conditions.

Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic

A wider range of straps and watch faces choosing from

From the inside out, the latest Galaxy Watch4 upgrade improves the wearable experience. Users may further personalise their watch faces with different colours and digital clock typefaces, allowing them to fully make the watch their own. For a more customised style, new strap colours including burgundy and cream, as well as a new fabric band and link bracelet, will be offered.

Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic

Committed to expanding compatibility within the Android ecosystem

In 2021, Samsung and Google launched the co-developed Wear OS™ Powered by Samsung, which provides smoother connections between Android devices and seamless access to more apps via Google Play, including Google Maps, Google Play and Youtube Music. In a further update, users will be able to stream music over Wi-Fi or LTE from the YouTube Music app on their Galaxy Watch4. 

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This means users can leave their phones behind and continue enjoying their favourite artists while they work out on the go. Additionally, the Google Assistant will be available on the Galaxy Watch4 series in the coming months. With access to both Bixby and Google Assistant, consumers will be equipped with advanced voice assistant features to meet their diverse needs. One-touch initial setup, creating a seamless experience on all devices right out of the box.

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