Google Pixel 7a leaks a new Coral/Orange colour variant


The “Oh So Orange” colour we noticed on the Pixel 4XL has a new colour, revealed in a leaked image following the reports of the “Arctic Blue” option for the future Google Pixel 7a.

Evan Blass of EV Leaks released the stolen picture but provided no other details. The popular belief that the Pixel 7a would be available in three colours—White “Cotton,” Black/Gray “Carbon,” and Light “Arctic” Blue—is explicitly refuted by this image.

This new colour information conforms with a previous leak that said the Google Pixel 7a will really come in five food-themed hues with some amusing names. We presume the colour may be dubbed something similar to “Coral.” Given the date of the leak (April 1, which is April Fools’ Day in the United States) and the intriguing choice of colour names—”Tide Orange” for this orange shade—it would be interesting if this truly happened.


the existence of this fourth Pixel 7a colour cannot yet be confirmed, based on the reputation of the source, we are inclined to think that it will be available. Perhaps it will be a limited edition or an exclusive to the Google Store. 

Almost all of the Pixel 7a other details have been leaked, including a nearly complete spec sheet that reveals the gadget would enable wireless charging and a 90Hz “Smooth Display.” This places this product in the position of being a more affordable version of the standard Pixel 7 and a highly possible alternative for individuals seeking a high-quality smartphone without breaking the bank.

the extreme reaction the Google Pixel 6a received and the rumours that the Pixel 7a would visually resemble the Pixel 7 to some extent, at a projected starting price of $500, this gadget is expected to be another success for the Google hardware team.

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