First Look: Google Pixel 9 in Pink Handled on Video


The widely awaited pink color option of the Google Pixel 9, which marks a dramatic departure from the more conventional hues, is one of the device’s most notable features. This new color variation appeals to people who want their digital products to look as bright and new as possible, in addition to fashion-forward consumers. The pink Google Pixel 9 is expected to gain popularity as a choice, bringing some personality and flair to everyday usability.

The Google Pixel 9 is expected to have better technical specs, including a faster processor, more RAM, and longer battery life, so it can easily tackle even the most taxing jobs. A better camera system, a defining characteristic of the Pixel series, is also anticipated to be included in the smartphone, making it a desirable choice for both casual and serious photographers.

Another set of live images of the impending Google Pixel 9 has emerged, this time from a different source. For whatever reason, people in Algeria had access to a unit of the new phone, or maybe simply a dummy, which they handled and continued to record.

Here is the Pixel 9 in a pink color option. Apologies, but this will be called Peony, after the flower. After learning that it contains 256GB of storage, we hope this isn’t a dummy item. Additionally, based on earlier leaks, this should have 12GB of RAM rather than the standard 8GB found in the vanilla series. The Tensor G4, a new chipset, will also be released in this series. Hani Mohamed Bioud, the poster, said further details would be released soon.

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All the same, this is the standard model. The “visor” bump, which only has two cameras within, indicates this. This year, Google plans to release a compact Pixel 9 Pro with three cameras, the third of which will probably have a 5x periscope lens. The display of the vanilla 9 should be 6.24″ in size, and the Pro’s display will be roughly the same at 6.34″. The big Pixel is anticipated to be renamed by Google to “Pro XL” (6.73″). The vanilla model’s design is in line with the renders that were released in March.

August 13 is the official date of the Pixel 9 series’ introduction, which is one month earlier than usual (flagship Pixels typically arrive in October).


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