HomePod Second-Gen is Teardown iFixit

iFixit today broke down the second-generation HomePod, which Apple began selling last week, posting a video deconstruction and verifying its repairability.

The HomePod 2 appears identical to the first HomePod, but Apple has made it more repairable and uses less glue. iFixit had to use special cutting tools to open the first HomePod, but the new version has less adhesive and is easier to open.
Inside the HomePod, iFixit discovered the S7 CPU, LEDs visible through the display at the top, a big internal woofer, an amplifier board, a heat sink, a power supply, and five tweeters.homepod-second-gen-is-teardown-01

The woofer is intriguing since iFixit can show how much it moves even when the volume isn’t turned all the way up. The humidity and temperature sensor at the bottom of the HomePod is visible when all of the audio components are removed. It’s the same sensor found in the HomePod mini.

homepod-second-gen-is-teardown-03 homepod-second-gen-teardown

Overall, iFixit stated that the HomePod 2 was surprisingly simple to disassemble because Apple removed any extra glue. Those who want to fix their HomePods on their own should be able to do so.

19 steps Teardown HomePod


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