In a coloring book Google may have rumoured about the Pixel 6A

The Google Pixel 6a has been the topic of some strong speculation ahead of its likely arrival in May 2022. Its design and specifications have also been rumoured. Indeed, the Pixel 6a‘s specifications and renderings were leaked a few weeks ago, and Google has now teased a small audience with a colouring book featuring the smartphone.

Google Pixel 6a

It is reported by Droidlife that Google has provided a preview of the Pixel 6 encased in a Google Nest audio product that was recently released to Google’s closed group. 

The group is made up of dedicated customers and  Google brand customers. The Nest Audio product was packaged with a device that looked like a coloring book from the outside. Google then said the device could be painted, although no further details were provided.

Google Pixel 6a


Google Pixel 6a


The Google Pixel 6a is a mid-range smartphone with some notable improvements over its predecessor. The current leak illustrates Google’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of their research efforts, as previous renderings showed a gadget with expanded capability. As the launch date approaches, we anticipate Google to provide a few additional leaks and teases.


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