Introducing Insta360 GO 3: the Ultimate Tiny Action Camera


Insta360 GO 3, the most recent update to its revolutionary compact action camera, is now available. The tiny yet powerful GO 3 expands on the ultra-portability of its predecessor with unmatched adaptability to redefine on-the-go capturing. The camera is incredibly compact, measuring less than a thumb’s width and weighing just 1.2 ounces (35g). You can easily install it anywhere because of its distinctive magnetic body, which opens up a world of opportunities for taking original photos from imaginative perspectives. 

The new Action Pod makes the GO 3 a more capable and adaptable camera, making it the ideal shooting companion. Even when the GO 3 is put in difficult-to-reach places, users may remotely control the camera and preview their photos by using the flip touchscreen. GO 3 can be installed in the Pod to continue shooting for up to 170 minutes even when the battery is low. 

Insta360 GO 3

Go 3 offers unmatched flexibility, whether you want to take immersive first-person POV pictures, see the world through your pet’s eyes, or find new viewpoints. customers may order the Insta360 GO 3 through in every country, as well as via reputable merchants like Amazon and a few authorized partners.

Unlimited Creativity in a Small Camera: Unleashing the GO 3 

The Go 3 makes it simple to capture special moments. With QuickCapture, recording while on the go is as simple as pressing the front of the camera body. There is never any doubt about whether to bring the camera with you on a day out because of its low-profile, lightweight design. Whether you’re having fun with your children or tearing down the trails, GO 3 never interferes with the experience. Every viewpoint may be recorded in clear 2.7K, making it ideal for social media sharing.

The following magnetic accessories, which are included with the GO 3, allow the camera’s full creative potential:

  • Magnet Pendant: To use GO 3 smoothly on the chest for first-person POV recording, a spherical magnet that fits beneath clothing and can be worn around the neck is provided. 
  • Easy Clip: A hat-specific device that securely holds the GO 3 above the head for a hands-free, high-angle picture. 
  • Pivot Stand: An adjustable, reusable sticky mount that makes it simple to shoot from awkward angles. The stand, which has been completely redone, also unscrews to reveal a 1/4″ mounting point for securing it to a tripod or selfie stick. 

Action Pod with Remote Preview and Improved Control

The Action Pod is a hub that advances your shooting ability; it is a brand-new invention. an integrated enclosure, remote control, and charger for the GO 3. 

The Action Pod, which has a handy 2.2-inch flip touchscreen, pairs with GO 3 through Bluetooth to provide real-time remote control and live preview. Now it’s simple to frame and handle challenging angles, such as those from a child’s bike to a cat’s collar. The best feature is that the Action Pod and the camera can both use the same magnetic mounts, making setup simple and increasing adaptability. By simply inserting GO 3 into the Action Pod, affixing it to the same mount, and continuing to fire, running low on power is now quickly fixed.

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The GO 3 is ideal for recording memories everywhere since it combines all of this with an IPX4 water-resistant design for the Pod and IPX8 waterproofing to 16ft (5m) for the camera. With FlowState Stabilization and 360 Horizon Lock, two Insta360 trademarks, the GO 3 ensures silky-smooth footage even in the most action-packed situations and prevents unintentional tilting or distortion. Also pre-installed for worry-free shooting is a removable Lens Guard. 

Amazing Advances in Flagship Performance

Insta360 GO 3 fixes the flaws in the GO series and adds significant improvements to guarantee the longevity of this new generation of tiny cameras. The 2.7K resolution increase and software enhancements produce vivid, clear videos. Creators may continue shooting for up to 45 minutes without the Pod thanks to no clip length restrictions and a larger 310mAh battery—a 50% improvement over the previous model. 

Including a second microphone, the GO 3’s dual microphones provide more crystal-clear and crisp sounds than its predecessor. With the addition of Voice Control 2.0, the GO 3 may now be operated completely hands-free in all situations.

Pre-recording, Loop Recording, and Timed Capture are just a few of the new recording options that are accessible. Simply set GO 3 to turn on and begin recording at a certain time using Timed Capture. No more getting up early to capture a timelapse of the sunrise!

The GO 3 Ecosystem Offers a Wide Range of Options

Like previous Insta360 cameras, the GO 3 is more than just a camera; it’s supported by Insta360’s robust app and editing ecosystem, all of which are intended to make the process of shooting movies as simple as possible.

Using FreeFrame Mode, you may change the aspect ratio of your footage after you capture it, allowing you to edit the same clip for both a 16:9 YouTube video and a 9:16 Instagram Reel. The GO 3 offers unparalleled flexibility because it stores all the material for sharing in any aspect ratio, unlike other action cameras that require the user to pre-select the aspect ratio before shooting and only save the content inside that aspect ratio.

The well-known AI-powered editing tools in Insta360 automatically select your best clips and edit them into personalized reels. You can concentrate on your creativity while the app’s clever features and user-friendly design take care of the rest.

There are also various innovative approaches available for producing motivational content. With GO 3, it is able to use TimeShift for hyperlapse montages, AI-powered PureShot HDR for images with improved dynamic range, slow motion up to 120fps, and breathtaking timelapses.


The Insta360 GO 3 is now available for purchase worldwide. The Action Pod and other practical extras like the Magnet Pendant, Quick Clip, Pivot Stand, and Lens Protector are included with the GO 3. There are three storage options available, with 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB devices costing, respectively, $379.99, $399.99, and $429.99.

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