Galaxy Z Flip 5 cover screen animations video


The Galaxy Z Flip 5 might be the most significant development in Samsung’s line of foldable phones. And for the most part, it’s due to the redesigned design, which has a secondary display that is more larger in size. It almost completely encloses the device and should improve usability when the flip phone is closed. Even Google and Samsung reportedly worked together to adapt Google apps to the size and layout of the new cover screen.

It is unclear how everything will turn out in the end. On the Galaxy Z Flip 5, we are aware of some details but not others. By this point, we may assume with some comfort that the cover screen has a folder-like form and can support Google apps. Even so, no leaks have yet made it clear how everything fits together or what sort of UI components and transition animations Samsung has planned.


Additionally, one Twitter user (@Vetrox360) took the initiative to create a concept design and animation using the material that has so far leaked as Samsung launched an offensive against leaks. It gives a possible representation of the Galaxy Z Flip 5 cover screen UI. particularly the manner in which the Samsung Clock app would initially appear on the cover screen before being minimized. 


Remember that this is simply a fan-made rendering and not a leak, so the actual product may look significantly different from this. Still, it may provide us with a glimpse into the Galaxy Z Flip 5 user experience. Regarding the finished product, Samsung will present the Galaxy Z Flip 5 on July 27 in South Korea.

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The Galaxy Z Flip 5 is said to include a 3.4-inch Super AMOLED cover display protected by Gorilla Glass Victus+, according to leaks and rumors. It is said to have a 720 x 748 resolution, translating to a pixel density of about 305 ppi. The foldable screen should have a 6.7-inch diagonal and a 2640 x 1080 resolution.


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