iOS 16: Customize Lock Screen with Google apps

iOS 16: Customize Lock Screen with Google apps

The release of iOS 16. Along with many other new features, you can now alter your Lock Screen so that the data you want is prominently displayed.

When you pick up your phone, the first thing you see is your Lock Screen, and many Google applications will soon include Lock Screen widgets. With only one press after unlocking your smartphone, you’ll be able to access your favourite Google features and even receive some updates on your Lock Screen. Here is a sneak peek at what’s coming ahead.

iOS 16 Quickly locate what you’re looking for


You need a response now. Right from your Lock Screen, begin a Google search. In order to translate, obtain homework assistance, or purchase what you see, you may even set up the Search widget to launch searches using your voice or camera.

iOS 16 Search


iOS 16 Try one of our Chrome Lock Screen widgets to instantly open Chrome, do a voice-activated or incognito search, or open our favourite dino game.

iOS 16Chrome


Use our Drive widgets to access your files. To continue that work project or first draught of a short story, open a suggested Drive file or your starred files and folders with just one tap.

iOS 16 Drive

Get to your destination

Maps on Google

Get real-time traffic information and projected journey times to locations like home and work directly iOS 16 on your lock screen with the Maps Frequent Trips widget. When you’re prepared to go, simply touch to launch the app and begin travelling.

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iOS 16 Maps on Google

By pressing the Maps Search widget, you can also locate local restaurants, shopping, and other popular destinations.

Stay informed


Use Gmail’s Lock Screen widget to keep track of your email; it will automatically display how many new messages are in your inbox. The widget may be altered to provide information about which inbox sections, such as Social or Updates, have new messages.

iOS 16 Gmail

Google News

With a fast glimpse at the Google News widget, see news as they happen. To read more on the app if something, in particular, catches your eye, just tap.

iOS 16 Google News

The following weeks will see the release of all these widgets. Install your preferred Google applications on your iPhone to get ready in the meantime. Simply tap and hold down your Lock Screen to begin customising once our widgets are accessible.

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