iOS 16 Spotlight Search: Everything New


On the iPhone and iPad, the new iOS 16 update gives Spotlight search greater power.

The picture search function in Spotlight search has been expanded to additional applications and now works in Messages, Notes, and Files.

From a spotlight search, users may easily begin live activities like following a sporting event.

A built-in intelligent search tool called Spotlight is available on the iPhone and iPad and is intended to help you discover what you’re looking for by searching through applications, files, and the web.

With every release of iOS, Apple makes improvements to Spotlight Search, and iOS 16 is no exception. This article outlines all of Spotlight’s new features in iOS 16 and iPad OS 16.

Homepage Search

Normally, using the search screen for Spotlight Search requires sliding down from the Home Screen, but Apple included a second “Search” button in iOS 16.

Homepage Search

At the bottom of the Home Screen, there is now a “Search” button that may be clicked to access the Spotlight Search interface. The dots that indicated how many app pages were accessible have been replaced with the Search button. The button sits right above the dock, however, there is a setting in the Settings app’s Home Screen area to deactivate it.

Image Search for Apps

In addition to photographs from the Photos app, Spotlight in iOS 16 can also locate places, people, sceneries, text, pets, objects, and more in pictures from Messages, Notes, and Files.

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Image Search for Apps

Quick Moves

Quick Actions, which are actions that may be taken directly from the search screen, are now supported by Apple’s redesigned Spotlight.

Quick Moves

Set the timer

Establish a Focus

Shazam a tune

Utilize a shortcut

You may use Spotlight to locate any app’s accessible shortcuts as well.

Better Siri Suggestions

Apple has upgraded Siri Suggestions so that it now takes context into account when recommending apps you might wish to use. As a result, Spotlight’s recommended applications and tasks are more likely to be pertinent to whatever you might be doing right now.

Better Siri Suggestions

When you have a meeting or a flight coming up, Siri Suggestions can provide things like directions or a flight status check. Additionally, it can advise that you give someone a birthday call, display your favourite applications that you use at specific times of the day, or display recent searches so you can easily return to earlier results.

Actual Activities

In the future, when Apple introduces Live Activities, Spotlight will be able to begin a Live Activity that will appear on the Lock Screen. Live Activities are interactive alerts that are always current and let you monitor events as they happen straight from the Lock Screen.

Actual Activities

For instance, if you’re watching a sporting event, you can view the most recent score on the Lock Screen. Similarly, if you’re waiting for an Uber, you can keep an eye out for the driver’s approach. Live Activities won’t be accessible when iOS 16 debuts, but they will in a subsequent release.

Additional Rich Results

When you search for an actor’s name on Apple, the rich search results that display information like an actor’s bio are becoming better. Now, the feature will provide more details on companies, sports leagues, and sports teams.

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Additional Rich Results

Improvements to the app clip

App Clips are customised versions of apps that enable you to access a small portion of the app’s functionality without installing the whole thing. When you’re in a relevant place, Spotlight combines with App Clips and provides you with App Clip ideas.

Location-Based Suggestions may still be turned off in the Privacy section of the Settings app, however, Apple employs exact location suggestions in iOS 16 to enhance App Clip suggestions in Spotlight.

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