New Galaxy S23 Ultra Renders Reveal A Flat Screen


The Galaxy S22 Ultra is a lovely phone with a nicely curved screen that looks amazing, but it is not for everyone. According to a fresh series of renderings, Samsung may equip the Galaxy S23 Ultra with a flat-screen to solve this criticism.

The S22 Ultra bends along the edges, giving the impression of bezel-free sides. Curved displays are also easier to hold.

Now that the S22 Ultra supports the S Pen stylus, some customers report that the pen is difficult to use on the edges due to the way it bends. They say that using the S Pen on a flat screen would be more convenient since it would prevent it from falling off the screen.

New Galaxy S23 Ultra Renders

galaxy-s23-ultra-flat-screen-1 (1)

The issues don’t end there, as several Galaxy S22 Ultra users feel the curved shape distorts light around the display, causing glare. Finally, curved panels are more prone to breaking than flat screens.

To overcome these issues, Samsung may opt for a flatter design with the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The Galaxy S22 Ultra already has a boxy form, and its successor will be much more squared-off.


Previous rumours and renderings hinted that the phone will have flatter sides, and tipster Ahmed Qwaider, who is notorious for releasing product videos, claims that the phone would also feature a flat display and has shared Technizo Concept images to give us a taste of the new design (via Notebookcheck).

According to Qwaider, the screen isn’t as curved as the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which makes it seem flat and improves the S Pen experience.

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He also claims that the Galaxy S23 will be available in black, green, cream, and lavender hues. Earlier rumours said that the phones will be available in black, green, beige, and pink.


Despite the fact that Qwaider is a trustworthy leaker, we don’t believe the renderings correctly reflect the Galaxy S23 Ultra because the design isn’t particularly ergonomic and my palms hurt just looking at it.

Renders aside, it’s very plausible that the Galaxy S23 Ultra will feature a flat-screen, considering that the current model isn’t selling as well as Samsung would like, and resolving customer concerns can help improve sales.

Also, leaker Ice Universe doesn’t quite agree with Qwaider, and past leaked photographs hinted that the design wouldn’t deviate too much from the S22 Ultra, so take today’s leak with a grain of salt.

Samsung is expected to introduce the Galaxy S23 lineup in February, and leaks will likely escalate in the next few days.

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