Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro: first look

Now that we have full 360-degree mockups of Samsung’s next Galaxy Watch5 series, we can be pretty sure that the firm will start exposing its secrets during its August Unpacked presentation in an extremely unrestrained way. We’re back with yet another wearable, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro, which will make its debut in roughly a month, to help move that forward. Once more, the gold standard of leak images is animated 3D renderings, but in a less polished form.

The new flagship earbuds don’t much differ from the current Galaxy Buds Pro, similar to how the basic Galaxy Watch 5 hasn’t altered much from its predecessor in terms of appearance. The hues featured are White, Graphite, and so-called Bora Purple; code-named Zenith, they will also be offered for the Galaxy Z Flip 4.

Galaxy Buds2 Pro

 Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro: first look

They still remain somewhat a mystery in terms of specs. Although I personally can’t make any claims at this moment, rumours suggest a slightly higher battery capacity. Although Unpacked is still a few weeks away, it is likely that things will be extensively filled out before being revealed.

 Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro: first look

While there isn’t much information available about the specs just yet, the Buds2 Pro could have longer battery life. For comparison, the previous-generation Buds Pro have a 472mAH battery and can operate for up to 18 hours on a single charge, case included. We may anticipate the TWS to have premium features like Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), transparency mode, etc. in addition to the anticipated battery boost.

 Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro: first look

The earbuds will continue to have an in-ear design without a stem connected and a compact feel, as you can see from the photographs. The release of the Galaxy Buds2 Pro is anticipated shortly.

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