New Special Edition Of Galaxy Z Flip4 Maison Margiela Accessories


In their first joint venture, Samsung Electronics and Maison Margiela of Parisian Haute Couture introduced the provocative Galaxy Z Flip4 Maison Margiela Edition.

Together with Maison Margiela, Samsung reimagined the look of the newest Galaxy family member in the spirit of nonconformity. This limited-edition Galaxy Z Flip4 was designed for people who wish to showcase their uniqueness by fusing cutting-edge technology with high fashion.

The Ideal Couple

Samsung has always been dedicated to accessibility, dismantling boundaries, and engineering the impossible, which has resulted in the development of its first foldable smartphone. The design philosophy of Maison Margiela, which is based on defiance, transgression, and rejection of tradition, perfectly complements this attitude.

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A collaboration between Samsung and Maison Margiela has produced a Galaxy Z Flip4 that is unique. Every component of this limited-edition collection emphasises Margiela’s uniqueness and ideals, both inside and out, emphasising the genuine essence and foundation of the company.

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Designing a Unique Concept

The Galaxy Z Flip4 Maison Margiela Edition painstakingly extended elements of Maison Margiela’s famous design philosophy to various parts of the device, including the UX, covers, and packaging.

Galaxy Z Flip4: To achieve the ideal shade of white, Maison Margiela’s characteristic solid white hue with a matte finish was “woven” into the smartphone. The phone also uses Maison Margiela’s décortiqué process, which exposes an object’s core by removing its exterior layers, and it has delicate, transparent lines that represent the phone’s internal circuitry.

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UX: For this special edition, a brand-new UX design, complete with background artwork and icons, was created. A sophisticated 3D modelling approach was used to create the paintbrush artwork in order to accurately reproduce the texture of a rough brush stroke. In order to give the illusion of transparency, the phone is turned on its side.

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Accessories: Two recognisable phone covers are included in the special edition. First, a distinctive leather cover that embodies the house’s venerable bianchetto process, which distils an item’s elegance down to its four-stitched anonymous symbol and pure white canvas. The casing has been overpainted to give it a distinctive texture and function as a canvas that may evolve over time. The second cover is an interpretation of Maison Margiela’s signature numeric coding ring that evokes the DNA of the brand.

A unique packaging design is provided by the box, which plays with the house’s resurrected notion of inversion and exposes the rough surface of the inside pulp substance.

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“Like Samsung, Maison Margiela believes in challenging norms and empowering individuals to embrace their uniqueness, and this is no different. We want you to be able to express your actual authentic self and celebrate what makes you unique through this cooperation, which combines ground-breaking technology and a distinctive design, said Stephanie Choi, EVP & CMO of Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics.


Starting on December 1st, 2022, a limited-edition Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 Maison Margiela Edition will be accessible in a few regions, including China (Hong Kong), France, and Korea.

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