Samsung Galaxy Z Slide rollable smartphone : Unpacked 2022

Samsung is developing a foldable smartphone with under-panel camera and S Pen support. The flexible screen extends backwards. On Wednesday, August 11, the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2021 event will be held, when the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 foldable smartphones will be released. These two smartphones have been significantly improved on the basis of their predecessors. Someone once thought (and expected) that Samsung would also launch its first rollable smartphone in 2021.

samsung unpacked 2022 galaxy z slide

However, this Galaxy Z Slide or Galaxy Z Roll may not be released until 2022. In terms of design, it is similar to Samsung. A model similar to Huawei will be developed. Last week, LetsGoDigital announced a rollable smartphone from Huawei that can be pushed back to a flexible screen. This time in return for Samsung Electronics, Samsung Electronics also obtained a patent for a detachable folding smartphone. Surprisingly, Samsung applied for a patent in Germany. We haven’t seen it yet. In Korea, there is generally strong demand for technologies that are in the early stages of development.

As the development progresses, patents will be submitted to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and the WIPO. However, Germany applied for a patent to protect the technology for the European market earlier, which increases the possibility that Samsung will implement the technology in one of its future products. In addition, this is a very detailed patent that details all the components. A foldable Galaxy Z Slide smartphone with an additional screen on the back. On April 29, 2021, and July 29, 2021, Samsung Electronics submitted patents entitled “Electronic Devices with Flexible Displays” to the German Patent and Trademark Office, and deposited them in the database of the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) .

samsung galaxy z slide 5g

This is a stylish scroll smartphone. In the most compact form, you hold a normal device in your hand with a circular screen on the left. There is also a display area on the back of the right half of the smartphone. The narrow side of the frame looks like there are two screens, but in fact it is a large bendable screen. If you need a large screen surface, you can easily convert your phone to tablet format. Viewed from the front, the right side of the screen can be expanded, after which the screen area can be expanded by about 40-50%. The user interface automatically adapts to the use of the device.

samsung z slide

To better understand this patented technology, talented graphic designer Technizo Concept created a series of 3D renderings for LetsGoDigital based on Samsung Electronics’ proprietary images. Product visualization illustrates the appearance of this foldable smartphone. When the device is in use, the screen is not compatible with the case. We have also seen this on the Huawei model. Samsung also uses scroll wheels to maintain a certain gap between the flexible screen and internal components.

samsung oprolbare smartphone

But Samsung does. In order to prevent the screen from wrinkling, Huawei intends to do so without using magnets. On the contrary, Samsung prefers to use multiple flexible/flexible “back plates” around the pressure plate to maintain a certain gap between the screen and the pressure plate to avoid friction that significantly affects the user experience during scrolling and deployment. In addition, a multi-link hinge design was implemented, which should also help create a wrinkle-free flat screen. This clever hinge supports the flexible display, which extends from the folded position to the left side of the device.

samsung smartphone

📄Documentation of the Samsung rollable smartphone 

In addition, the screen is supported by a rigid board, which can be removed from the rigid board and is no longer supported by the housing itself. Compared with a pair of Huawei magnets, this solution is undoubtedly more expensive to manufacture and implement, but it looks very durable. solution. It must also be said that the documentation is very detailed and it can be assumed that Samsung has indeed developed this technology. Scrolling the screen works the same way. However, Samsung has added borders on some screens. Protect the screen on the side of the device. This undoubtedly helps to improve reliability. In addition, the rear window only occupies less than half of the total area. This means that even if the device is fully expanded, this part of the screen is still available.

samsung galaxy z slide s pen

samsung galaxy unpacked

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