Recent leaks the Microsoft Surface Duo 2.

The former YouTuber is still developing Microsoft Surface Duo 2, its camera module is more prominent than the previous generation, streamlining some of the previous generation’s criticism. WindowsUnited recently released a rendering of the Microsoft Surface Duo 2 created by Jonas Deanert.

🖇Sources: WindowsUnited 

It should be noted that the camera module on the back of the device is too large to be folded 360° like the previous one. It is easier to use and impractical as a one-handed device. According to sources from various sources, Microsoft has begun to develop the next-generation Surface Duo code-named “Zeta”, which will be released in 2021.

2 black

Microsoft has made some improvements to the Surface Duo 2 camera, while Microsoft is also developing other Surface products. It is expected to release Surface Pro 8 and other i products in October/November this year. It is said that Surface Duo 2 has the specifications of a flagship phone in 2021, including Snapdragon 888 processor, 5G and NFC support.


According to the rendering, Microsoft Surface Duo 2 is equipped with three rear cameras, including wide-angle, telephoto and main cameras. It also has a frosted glass design and black and white options.Microsoft can also embed fingerprints in the power button, and the USBC interface is in the center on the right.



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