Teased OnePlus 11 MWC Barcelona Concept

OnePlus will unveil a brand-new OnePlus 11 concept device at MWC Barcelona the following week. Now that we’ve seen the OnePlus 11 Concept for the first time, we can see that it has a larger camera island and light-up strips on the rear. The phone’s back is completely covered in blue stripes, which are also around the camera island.

The new images are described in an official announcement from OnePlus for its next concept phone as “blood vessels” that span the full rear of the device.

OnePlus 11 MWC Barcelona Concept


It will be intriguing to see how the OnePlus 11 Concept works and whether the light strips function similarly to the Nothing Phone 1 or whether they have a different function, such as actively cooling the phone.


Pete Lau, the CEO of OnePlus, also shared a teaser video for the OnePlus 11 Concept along with the photographs. The brief teaser briefly depicts the phone in use. Although Lau claims that the phone will introduce “an industry-first technology,” it is unclear what exactly that implies.


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