[Teaser] Samsung And Maison Margiela Luxury Fashion Accent on Cutting-Edge Technology

A teaser video promoting a partnership between Samsung Electronics and Maison Margiela has been made available by Samsung Electronics. It beautifully combines technology and high fashion. On November 9, further information will be released (KST). See for yourself by watching the teaser video below.

Samsung is collaborating with a fashion label for its upcoming project after reimagining the Galaxy Z Flip with Thom Browne and the Galaxy Watch with Maison Kitsuné.

Samsung And Maison Margiela Luxury Fashion Accent

Samsung MM Teaser main1

One of the most creative brands in the business, Maison Margiela, is now in the spotlight. The time has arrived for “a magnificent confluence of cutting-edge technology and high couture” after months of teases on Instagram.

It’s the Galaxy Z Flip 4, as shown in the officially released teaser, but this time with a rough texture of white paper and the recognisable Maison Margiela designs. A very small number of devices will be used in this unique cooperation.

Samsung MM Teaser main2FF

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Samsung MM Teaser main3FF
Samsung MM Teaser main4FF

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