The OnePlus Keyboard 81 Pro officially Featuring

OnePlus covered its best event yet by unveiling its first (mechanical) keyboard and its latest TV, both of which will be available in India later this year.

Let us begin with the former. The Oneplus keyboard 81 Pro is the first product in the OnePlus brand, a new “co-creation platform” that links OnePlus with popular keyboard producer Keychron in this case.

oneplus keyboard 81 pro officially



The oneplus keyboard 81 pro mechanical keyboard resembles the Keychron Q1 Pro mechanical keyboard. It has 81 keys with a US layout, as you might expect. The casing is CNC-machined metal with built-in RGB.


The keyboard has Bluetooth 5.1 built-in, but it may also be connected via a USB-C connector. The RGB has a 4,000mAh battery inside that should last you 100 hours at the lowest brightness level.


It comes with two types of switches – the more tactile “Winter Bonfire”, and the linear “Summer Breeze”. The “Winter Bonfire” keycaps are composed of PBT plastic, while the “Summer Breeze” keycaps are constructed of “Marble-mallow” plastic, according to OnePlus.


The keyboard has a laptop-style layout (no numpad) and is hot-swappable, which means you may change the switches without desoldering them.

oneplus-keyboard-002 oneplus-keyboard-003

The alert slider on the back, a nod to the OnePlus devices, and the rotary knob, which can be customized to trigger various features, distinguish the oneplus keyboard 81 pro.


oneplus keyboard 81 pro will be available in April. OnePlus hasn’t released a price yet, but the Keychron is $199.

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